Chronicles of Katey Baby
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It was a sweltering hot day. The brilliant sun shone its powerful rays onto the earth. The gentle breeze rustled the emerald green leaves. The birds chirped happily . A little girl called Jane was walking  home from from her music lesson. As soon as she was going to cross the busy pedestrian-crossing, she spotted […]


Once upon a time there was a ten year boy he was a very picky.His hair touched his neck and he was very slim. It was his first day of a new school for him. He had to wake up at four O clock to be early for the bus ,the bus was a public […]


woooooooo! This is a photo , I took it using Photo Booth,the kind of effect is an x-ray.    

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Once there was a donkey who thought he  was very clever.One day he said life is very wrong then a bird heard what he had said so the bird asked the donkey what was wrong ,the donkey pointed at the apple tree and the pumpkins.The bird said:But nature is like that.But the donkey was to […]

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Once upon a time there was a frog and a toad. One day Toad said to Frog you are very ugly but Frog said you are very ugly. By then they were quarreling suddenly Rabbit was hopping home as usual then Frog said to Rabbit am I more beautiful then Toad. Rabbit said: both of […]


Once upon a time there were three balloons. The first  balloon said that he was going to see the world. So he untied himself and flew into the air and then SPLOT he dropped into mud. And that  was the end of the first balloon. The second balloon said he was going to see the world. So […]

smurf village

Ed: This is the tyke’s version of the Smurfs Village.