Chronicles of Katey Baby
A Good Deed
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It was a sweltering hot day.

The brilliant sun shone its powerful rays onto the earth.

The gentle breeze rustled the emerald green leaves.

The birds chirped happily .

A little girl called Jane was walking  home from from her music lesson.

As soon as she was going to cross the busy pedestrian-crossing,

she spotted an old lady .

Her face was wrinkled ,her hair was silvery ,

her back was hunched and she trembled like a leaf.

The old lady hobbled with her walking stick.

She seemed to be troubled.

When Jane almost gave up trying to find out what she was troubled with,

she realised that the old lady had poor eyesight.

Immediately, she approached the old lady and offered to help.

The old lady agreed and Jane brought her carefully to the other side of the road.

The old lady praised and thanked her profusely.

Jane was over the moon and skipped back home happily.

At Jane’s home, she told her parents about her good deed.

They were extremely proud of Jane.

Jane swelled with pride.






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